TUTORIAL TWO: Building my digital resources

Reading the web:

AUSTRALIA: This website is a quality online resource as it has reliable and useful information about Australia that is clear, age appropriate for stage 3 students and is a good model for a lesson about note taking and reading online. The website is easy to read and there is quality information for students. The headings allow for students to easily navigate through to the different facts about Australia.

BEHIND THE NEWS: This short video is a quality teaching resource about Australia Day, that is age appropriate for stage 3, which could also be used to model note taking using the visual and aural aspects. There is quality information that could be used to teach about Australian history.

Poorly written website: This website, aimed at students, is poorly written as it has too little information about Australia. Students would not be able to use this website as a quality resource to develop their analytical and critical skills, as the website offers only 11 facts about Australia. The resource is also visually displeasing, as the contrast of colours makes it hard to read.

Developing your photography skills

Rule of thirds:

Rule of thirds

Leading lines:

Leading lines

Follow the direction of movement:

follow the firection of movement

Social Media, News and critical literacy

Critical reading of information resources is an important skill for students to have. For me, I think the websites must carry certain criteria and principles in order for it to be a reliable source of news and information. The author of website is significant to determine the validity of a website. The quality of the videos and the author of the videos is vital to determine if a website is useful. Other criteria include, how often the content is updated, where the funding for the website comes from, the reliability of the contact information, the amount and the type of advertising on the website, the validity of the other sources the website references and the layout of the website.

When teaching stage 3 students when they are reading online, it is important to always check the quality of a source before they start to read. They should first check where the website came from and the validity of the author. The students should then check for the usefulness of the source, whether they will find the information they need. The students are able to do this by skimming through the website to determine the usefulness and quality. When reading online, students should also double check the information from another source to check the validity of the information.

David Buckingham: ‘Internet literacy’

After reading David Buckingham’s article, it is clear I might develop critical media skills into my classroom through the use of ‘Internet literacy’. To determine real news from fake news, students are encouraged here to cross-check the online information, verify and compare sources,  analyse the design and construction of sites,  check the provenance of the material, and  think about the producers’ motivations. Students could read the online information and notate in a table all these criteria, hereby practicing their reading and writing skills.




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